Rochester Twilight Criterium

By: Emily Flynn

After a week of babysitting Camden and Ellie for Jenny in Milton, as she started her new job as Cycling Canada’s Track NextGen coach (congrats Jenny!!), I headed down to Rochester, NY for the Rochester Twilight Crit. This was the next stop on the US ProRoad Tour calendar.

Following a lovely drive, I was able to sign in right away, check out which food truck I would eat at following the race, and started to get ready.

After warming up – shout out to Rally for letting me use their tent as it was a little drizzly – everyone headed to the start line. The race started and continued to have a strange tone throughout; as it seemed that the larger teams there were all content for a bunch sprint. As I was solo for this race I had to play my cards right and be conservative. This meant letting the bigger teams do the work. I made a point to always be in the top five in the pack, so if anything was to go I was right there to go with it. As it was a smaller field too, this was even more important. After a couple attacks from different riders and little gaps, it came down to a bunch sprint. I faded to the back a little bit on the rise in the last lap, but fought to make up positions before the final corner, however I was still not far enough ahead and finished 12th. As always Rochester was a great run event.

And in case you were wondering, I got a veggie bowl from one of the food trucks 😊


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