Giro di Burnaby

By: Emily Flynn

For the sixth stop of BC Superweek the girls headed to what would be the equivalent of Little Italy for the 10th edition of the Giro di Burnaby. The streets were lined with spectators and the Lamborghinis were ready to lead the way. The course was slightly shortened this year at the U-turn bend and then features a square at the top. The U-turn is a critical piece in the race with riders at the back of the pack having to slow down significantly and then have to really jam on the pedals to get back up to speed and up the incline, therefore being at the front was of the utmost importance. We had a slightly reduced team due to sickness, but we were ready to go and for the first night at Superweek all of our riders finished! This was the first finish of the week for Sara, who crushed the race and was up at the front and working on her positioning. All the girls saw the front tonight and made efforts to go for some primes. Emily was the top finisher in 24th just out of the money, but the girls are hungry for more and looking forward to PoCo crit tomorrow!

As well if you haven’t already, check out our Instagram page, @cycleryracing, to see what we are doing for cycling laws across Canada.

Pro tip from Suzie Creamcheese: Don’t forget to eat breakfast kids!


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