By: Ariane Bonhomme

Gastown has always been my favourite race of the year. The ambiance, the crowd, the course, the riders ready to race for big prize money.

The team was all fired up and ready to race the streets of Gastown. Knowing from the previous years that parking and traffic was hard, we decided to go to town early, grab a cup of coffee at Revolver and chat a bit about the night of fun coming up.

Before the race started, Sara, Emily, Cath and myself went to the Start/finish line to take a picture and meet with some wonderful people that organizes Bridge the Gap. Bridge the Gap is a bursary that allows young amateurs to make the next step into the professional ranks. They are key to the success of many pro Canadians and we are so happy that they are supporting so many of our girls this season.

When the race was about to start, everybody was ready! Most of the girls were front row as the pistol went off. I found myself being in the top 3 when they announced a prime on the second lap and decided to go for it. I got the prime a lap later and comfortably stayed at the front, until I got caught behind a crash in the next lap. As it was a big crash, most of our girls found themselves in the pit and got back in the pack a lap later.

The second part of the race saw Amé of the front with a bold attack. Emily and Cath had a fantastic race and comfortably finished with the group in a bunch sprint.

This race is one of our favourite for so many reasons, but I think the most important is that it brings people together and brings the team together. It was our best race so far at BC Superweek and we are looking forward to build on this race and create momentum for the reminder of the week.


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