BC Superweek I

Tour de Delta

by: Amélie Bruneau

After some mixed feelings from Nationals for some people, we still had some really good results for the team:

  • the U23 title in the road race,
  • a fifth place in the time trial, and
  • two riders in the top 10 in the criterium.

Then post-Nationals, we headed to the most awesome week of the summer: BC Superweek! The first part of this ten races series consists of two criteriums and an UCI Road Race.

We started with the first crit which had a bit of hill in it and a 80 woman field. The speed of the race and the repetition of the climb made riders get thrown off the back every lap. Unfortunatly, Ariane was part of a crash early on and was out for the rest of the race. She ended up fine with only bruises and sore muscles. The race was brutal with a very strong field, and only Cath was able to survive in the pack until the end. Seeing her face at the end of the race, it looked like a pretty hard one!

The next day was a flat crit course in Ladner. The speed and technicality of it have make this race one of my favorite of the BC Superweek series. The goal of the race for the team was to put ourselves in good positionning to be able to be part of the race at the front and try to go for primes. I really think we were able to show our colors at the front and be active in the race.

On Sunday, we were racing the well known UCI White-Spot road race. The race started with lots of emotions, as the organisators showed a video in the memory of our dear Ellen. It was an appreciated touch for the team. For the race by itself, the rythm of it was really fast, with a peloton often streched out on the road. Absolutely nothing was going away, as everything attempt at a breakaway was being shut down from the big teams in the peloton. We stayed at the front trying to follow moves during the race. After a hard battle, Emily Flynn was able to get us a top 20, finishing 18th in the sprint. Be ready for the next six races to come for us !


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