West Coast, Best Coast

By: Marina Aspen

At the beginning of January I moved to Victoria from Saskatoon. This move was partly because the training is definitely better here (altitude, not -30 degrees), and also to satisfy a little inner desire to try something new and explore what the world has to offer. It was tricky at the start, trying to get everything organized with my classes and sorting out my training and living situation, but after a few weeks I feel settled and comfortable. The first few rides I did that were 4-5 hrs really tore my legs apart, I definitely wasn’t used to the volume but they are starting to get the feel of what it’s like to get back in shape. I recently did a training camp with my coach and a few other of his athletes that went really well, climbing camp! And have another one coming up this weekend that I am excited for.  But what I am most excited for is to get to train with my new team in South Carolina early March.

Climbing intervals at the first camp

I am really fortunate to be living on the West coast. Even if it’s only for a short time until I head out to Ottawa. It has so much to offer, great hiking and outdoor wonders, great riding, and great people. I like to get involved with extras to fill my spare time and I’ve been playing a lot of ultimate frisbee for fun, I have met so many new people who are very open to showing me around and partaking in adventures. I am definitely getting inspired to take life as it comes and be open to new challenges and taking risks. I think this mentality will transfer over into my racing this season and hopefully open a lot of new doors. Living out here makes me want to get to new heights in cycling so I can explore the world with my bike and be constantly stimulated with new challenges and adventures. Besides ultimate I have been doing some local hiking and swimming for cross training (and fun!), it’s always good to give the body a nice reminder that it has more than just leg muscles.

From ride along the waterfront overlooking the mountains

Midterms just passed by and they were time-consuming so a bit of time management needed to be addressed in my life, but now I’m in the clear until finals in April. After that I will be packing up and heading to Ottawa until BC Superweek in July, which I am also extremely excited for after last years experience. Afterwards as a treat I hope to get in some good west coast hiking and adventuring before gearing up for Canada Games. I’m hoping this year and new racing season sees many new obstacles and challenges for me to overcome, as well I hope to continue meeting new and inspiring people across the country who share in my love of adventure, working hard, having fun, and living life with a full heart. I’m excited for what’s to come in 2017, and can’t wait to be a part of the Cyclery racing squad.


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