On the Road in 2017!


By: Catherine Ouellette

After being in California for now 2 weeks out of 3, I am now starting to feel the gain of doing some endurance rides almost every day. I was really excited to hit the roads after a good 10 days resting in Puerto Rico with my family. Fortunately, I had the chance to start my season with the annual team Quebec training camp and put in the hours with a good group of Quebec’s athletes. We had the chance to challenge our self in some incredible scenery.

We were also lucky to experiment some California’s life with the Famous cycling café in Calabasas city, the 10 speed coffee shop. It’s always nice to enjoy a good meal after a hard ride and to meet the cycling community, that is really big down here.


And a little bit of exotic cuisine with the Beni Hana Japanese restaurant.


So even if the weather has been a little bit angry for the past days, I will try to make this last week worth it and be ready to head back on those intervals for the next month before heading to our team training camp in March!

Have a good week!


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