Back to School

By: Amélie Bruneau

This week was a big « return to reality » after the difficult Christmas break that we had. It was a rough start with a first class at 8 am on Monday morning… and you guys know that I am not a morning person 😉 !


Amélie’s brain watts

The week went by pretty fast, alternating between classes, gym and and spinning sessions. Going back to my winter routine was more easy that I thought it would be. For that time of the year, and because I’m going full time at school, I prefer to focus on some intervals on the trainer during the week and do my volume in cross-country skiing on the weekend. I did a 26 km on Saturday, and a 40 km on Sunday to build my endurance for the season and got to enjoy some beautiful scenery while skiing at « Le petit Train du Nord » in Sainte-Adèle up north from Montreal. It’s one of my favorite place to ski because we can enjoy some hot soup and delicious sandwiches at the « Café de la gare » at the end of trainings.


Until Team camp in march, mostly all my training weeks will look like this week !


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