Baby, It’s Cold Outside…sorta

By: Kinley Gibson

While a nasty cold snap has been hitting Canada, Ariane, Sara, and I have been hiding out down in sunny California! We’re here with the Canadian NextGen track team, getting in some long road miles in the warm weather. Now, before you get too jealous, it was cloudy for a couple of days. Yeah, we’re suffering.


Ariane and I cruising up the Piuma Canyon climb


The hills here always take some getting used to, especially for Edmontonian trackie legs! I’ve been really enjoying the climbs though – most are challenging but steady, which makes it easy to find a rhythm. One of my favourite climbs is Latigo Canyon (well, it’s a love-hate relationship). Starting next to the ocean on the Pacific Coast Highway, it snakes for miles up into the mountains on a twisty, undulating road. The views are amazing, but remember: If you think you’re almost there, you’re wrong.


Up and up and up!



With so many hours on the bike, there’s plenty of time to chat with your neighbor, so it’s lucky we have such an interesting group! Want to talk to a university-level runner turned occupational therapist turned cyclist? Fire up a conversation with Sara! How about a doctor/astronaut applicant/ex-figure skater? No big deal, that’s just Meghan. Or hey, maybe you just want to break into song with the happiest person on earth? If you find yourself riding next to The Cyclery alumni Ellen Watters, you might just be in luck.

We’ve got two more big days of riding ahead of us. More long climbs, more fast descents, and a bit more time to soak up those California rays before heading home for Christmas. I can’t wait for the New Year, and most of all for a brand new season on the bike with The Cyclery!


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