For three of the four riders going, it was our first experience of this 110-km, gravel-riddled race. It takes place in picturesque Greenwich, NY countryside twisting up and turning down along a course with 8 different gravel sections.

Team plan: be patient and be in any move out on the road. We had the leg-power to control the race, and with the way the course rolls, going to early could mean blowing up before the finish.

According to plan, Emily, Liah and Amelie made sure that the race was controlled sending of their own attacks and following any that tried to go. A mechanical held Emily up, but she fought (as she always does) and re-grouped with Amelie. There’s definitely something comforting about seeing someone to ride with, but even more so a teammate!

On the 7th gravel climb of the day, Riddle Road, Ellen road off the front of the group and had a gap of about a minute. She crossed the line, 30 seconds ahead of the chasers, arms up! It was a huge team effort, and a team win!

How do you celebrate that win?! Chocolate milk, cherries and watermelon!

Thanks to Jenny and Chris (he too had raced!) and Amelie’s parents, we had very successful feeds!!

We’ll be flying through the downtown streets of Somerville, New Jersey next and then some local UCI racing at Gatineau!!


Merci pour les photos Dennis Bruneau!


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