Keeping Calabogie

By Ariane Bonhomme

Today was a very good day for a bike race, it was the first summer-like day of the year! For the Calabogie Classic, we were three riders from the team, Miriam, Emily and myself. Our plan was very easy; attack from the gun and don’t give up until a breakaway with one of us goes up the road. With a lot of strong teams and riders, it was a hard fight to get something up there, we just had to keep telling ourselves that if we were tired, they were as well and it was only a mind game of who would give up first, and of course we wouldn’t! After 20 to 30 minutes of throwing attacks up the road, I was able to get in a breakaway with a rider from Rise Racing, and we would make it together to the finish line. With 2 laps to go, DS Jenny told me to attack my breakaway companion, I tried twice, but she would not let me go anywhere, so I knew I would have to use my sprinter game. Over the last lap, I was thinking about how I could beat her at the sprint, knowing that she was a strong sprinter. We played a good game of cat and mouse and so my track racing background came in very handy. Since she would stay in my wheel in the last kilometer, I took the sprint from the front, starting it early, as I like, and never looked back. It was sweet to take my first road race victory as an elite! Miriam came in a little group of three riders and sprinted for 4th place. It was a very good day of team tactics and this win really is a team win!


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