Quebec Criterium Championships

By: Amélie Bruneau


Ariane and I took the start of the provincials criterium in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu this past sunday. It was a classic 4 corners circuit, the road was really large, so there was a lot of room for our pack of around 20 people. Before the race, we discussed of a plan that we would follow. Because we were only the two of us, we agreed to wait after the first 30 minutes of the race to be really active, and to analyse the other racers until that. When the race started, everyone seemed to have plan the race that way, so it was kind of slow and everybody was looking at eachother. After 15 minutes, I saw an opportunity to attack, so I did it because I thought that it was the only way to make the race more selective. I had a gap for about 1 lap, but got cut after that. After my moove, the girls from the team Sas-mazda-magogep started to attack too. Catherine Dessureault was away for a while, but Ariane and I worked really hard with some other girls to get back on her, and we did. Our team was really active during the race, following attacks and starting some of them. Our main plan for the day was about the finish. Ariane would try to go with one lap to go, and I would position well in the pack to go for the sprint if she got cut. So, Ariane attacked in the last lap, but an other racer went with her and didn’t take any relay. Ariane almost made it to the line, but got passed by a few girls with 100 m to go. She ended up 6th. We are still proud of our race, because we tried to make it hard, and we had a plan for the win!


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