Going for Gold

In the Hunt for Quebec Provincial Titles – by Ariane Bonhomme and Amélie Bruneau


Quebec Championships- Time Trial

The time trial for Quebec provincials was held this past Saturday, in Saint-Jean-de-Matha, Lanaudière, a place I never heard of but was so glad I had the chance to ‘’visit’’ it this weekend. It is a beautiful little town in the country side, north of Montreal. The time trial was a 28k course with a lot of short, yet punchy hills. This course didn’t really fit either Amélie or me, but it was a beautiful sunny day and we were going to race our bikes! It was Amélie’s first time trial for a while since she was putting her focus more on the road racing and the criterium.

It ended up being a good day for the team, despite the fact that we both had a cold! I finished on the second step of the podium and Amélie had a solid ride for her first time trial in a long time.

After the time trial, we had the chance to visit other little towns in the area and even try out some sweet coffee shops! Mmmmmm…

Quebec Championships -Road race 

Our provincial championships on the road was a 85 km race, on a not so hilly course. We did 3 laps of a circuit characterized by some punchy climbs. A circuit just find by me, because it makes the race selective, but not too much. I was impress by the number of girls there, with a field of almost 40 people. The race started fast, with a lot of attacks from SAS Mazda Macogep, the most represented team that day with 6 girls on the start line. The small climbs were hard and made some riders drop. Because of a really bad positionning before one of the climb, I’ve got caught behind a group of riders who got dropped, but fortunatly I managed to get back in the field after a short and intense effort. At the end of the first lap, Adriane Provost from SAS got away. Ariane and I tried to organize the chase but not a lot of people were helping us and nothing was really getting organized. But, we worked hard and caught Adriane just before the beginning of the last lap. The first half of the third lap was kind of slow and everybody was looking at eachother. A break got away after that but neither of me or Ariane were able to get in it. There was 5 girls in the break, each from different teams. The chase began really soon, when we realized they were going away. We were organized and going fast for a while, but a lack of participation from a lot of people in the chase made us go slower and slower. We still rode fast until the end of the race and caught one of the breakaway girl, who had a flat in the last 2k. Then, it was a bunch sprint for the fifth place. Ariane and I were well placed on the last climb, getting us to a 90 degres turn and to a 200m downhill finish. We sprinted all we had and ended up 6th for Ariane and 10th for me!

It was a nice day of racing with a good and hot temperature and a lovely course !


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