A Tough Day at the Office

By Emily Flynn


Today was Ontario Provincial ITT Championships. Having pre-rode the course yesterday I knew it was going to be hard, but also thought it was a course I could do well on. The course can be described as a roller coaster with lots of undulating roadway. This race also proved to be a roller coaster of emotions for me as well. At that, a roller coaster that consisted of mostly descending.

I went into this race having been battling a head cold all week, but felt I was on the mend. I was trying to counteract how I felt by taking confidence knowing that this year is the most I have ever ridden my TT bike and worked on my time trialing abilities. in the end, unfortunately that did not help. I woke up this morning feeling quite congested again and my stomach was a bit off. Warming up on the rollers I was pretty burpy, but was just trying to stay focused. On the start ramp I felt ready to go. Then I started.

Honestly I felt shitty right away, legs felt slow and heavy. I tried not to let this bother me, in the past I have had some of my best races with crappy feeling legs. Then I started throwing up and continued to for most of the race. And this was not the good kind of throwing up because you are going so hard and your body is exhausted. This was more of my stomach hurts and I am sick type throwing up. Clearly not over whatever cold thing I have been fighting. Again, I thought “I can do this just keep riding; it happens.”

Then I was passed by one rider. “Okay, aiming for second.” Then another. “Oh well third is still a podium.” Than another…”okay well top five is good.” I finished, then stopped too cry for a little on the side of the road. “Ok, I’m over it, I should go cool down.” After cooling down I had a text from my coach, Jenny Trew, who is also the team manger. “You okay?” My reply: “Ha..that bad? I haven’t seen results yet.” I was still hoping for at least a top five. Results posted and I was dead last. More crying.

Needless to say, this may be one of the most disappointing days I have ever had on the bike, so far. I’m sure there will be a lot more to come. That is just part of the sport. It is super shitty when those days occur at races that are key races for you, but again it happens and well it is just a bike race, which is hard to remember sometimes.

Now I am just going to try and recover and see how I feel for the road race tomorrow.


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