World Travels

By: Katherine Maine


Earlier in July, while the most of the team was off racing BC Superweek (in which they were incredible!), I was in Quebec for ‘Le Tour de la Relève International de Rimouski’ a 4 day stage race held for cadets and juniors. After coming off a tough week at Nationals, I was eager to get back on the bike and race again in order to prove myself. I rode for a composite team called ‘Team Peloton Contracting’ which composed of two riders from Canada, and two from the US. Although we had not ridden together before, the week proved very successful for thee team keeping the yellow jersey (leader of the general classification) for the entirety of the stages, having the team finish 1-2-3-4 individually in the general classification and also winning the green (sprinters) jersey. After both of these big races, I was happy to come home and rest before beginning the next part go my summer.

For the past two weeks I have been preparing for the Junior Track World Championships with the National Team. Under our coach Cameron Jennings and the support of the Cyclery-Opus, Cycling Canada and the numerous amount of others that have helped me along the way, I feel well prepared and excited to compete in a weeks’ time. Along with the two other girls from across the country we will be representing Canada in the endurance events. We have been training at the Alkmaar Velodrome about one hour’s ride from our house along the country roads of northern Holland.

The accommodations from this trip are nothing short from what you would expect in Europe. All eleven of us, nine riders and two support staff have been placed in an old orphanage now doubling as a guest house. The quarters are tight, with one bathroom in the apartment, and the only two entrances up to our floor are accessible by fire escape – not ideal for clearest 🙂 Aside from the mosquitos, we have enjoyed our stay here, passing the time off the bike with cards, good coffee, and even better company. Our stay here has flown by and in only two days time, we are off to Astana, Kazakhstan and I could not be more excited! I will keep you all posted 🙂


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