HAPPY to be back on the track

Québec Track Championships

by Ariane Bonhomme

ArianeIt was last weekend that the provincials championships were going on at the velodrome in Bromont. It is a great way to get back on the board to kick off the track season. I could not have been happier to be back there, it really feels like home. I felt good, happy and confident to race the track again, yet I felt a little nervous to see where I was at after a good block of 6 months of road racing. 

I couldn’t have been happier from my weekend. I was able to bond with some friends I haven’t seen in ages, to meet new people, to crush all of my PBs on the Bromont track. I raced for fun with no other expectations than giving my 100%, and that allowed me to win the omnium. 

The first day was a very busy one with 4 races on the schedule. We started the morning with a flying 200m. This is not really my cup of tea, but in an omnium, you really need to give everything at every race in order to have a good overall ranking. I surprised myself by pulling a 2nd place at this event, only 0.1 second slower than the speedy sprinter Marie-Soleil Blais. The second event was the scratch race. We had 30 laps and the first one to cross the line is the winner. My plan was to be patient and to catch my opportunity to go away in the last 5 laps. I saw this little lull in the pace of the group at 1.5 lap to go and just went for it. I pulled my first win of the weekend. The third race was the elimination race, which I really like. I was able to go at the end to battle Marie-Soleil, but my strategie didn’t quite work and I finished second. The last event of the first day was the 500m TT, where I pulled my second win of the omnium by almost a full second faster than Marie-Soleil, who came in second place. Finishing the first day with the lead in the omnium and knowing that my two favourite events were yet to come, I felt confident about the next day.

The second day started with the 3k individual pursuit. I gave it all and pulled the win in the event, rode a PB and was the only girl to ride under the 4 minutes mark. The last event was the points race, which is a race where you collect points from sprinting every 10 laps or lapping the field. I really wanted to go for it, gave everything I had left from the weekend and have fun. I won the first sprint and stayed away from the group after this sprint to take a lap by myself. Than I took the second and the third sprint and finished third in the last one. 

I am very happy with my results but I was happier about getting back on the board, it is my happy place 🙂


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