Cycling is a Team Sport

The Giro di Burnaby

By: Ariane Bonhomme


I have always been the ultimate team sports girl. Playing basketball and soccer when I was younger, this team spirit was what I was looking for the most in sports. When I picked up cycling at the age of 12, I thought I would hate it because it is rated as an ”individual” sport. I soon realized that there was more team spirit in a cycling team than any other team sports out there. This team spirit is extraordinary strong in this team and tonight was a great demonstration of it.

Giro di Burnaby is a hard race with a U-turn every lap. It feels like doing a standing start on the track every two minutes, 30 times. A crash in the very first U-turn put Amélie out of the race. A few laps later, Ellen was also caught in a crash and broke her shifter (again!!!!!!). As Ellen thought it was the end of her race, Amélie came to the rescue and gave her bike to Ellen so she could finish the race. She went back into the race, attacked and got a cash prime.
Another great team work was made by Annie. The team saw that the race would end in a bunch sprint, so Annie gave her everything to bring guest rider Marie-Soleil to the front to lead her out to a top 10 finish at the line.

This is only a few of the many examples of team work we have in our sport. Encouraging teammates when they feel like giving up, bringing them up to the front of the group, leading them out in a bunch sprint, crying and laughing with them, sharing victories and deceptions; this is what I love about cycling and this is what I love about the team I am a part of.


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