Delta White Spot Road Race

This UCI event is totally one of my favorite races of all time! A circuit race, with a small climb and lots of turns. A really technical race, just as I like them! Today’s plan for the team was really clear, Annie and Ellen had to be patient and follow attacks on the second part of the race. Ariane, on the other hand at to cover attacks that happened on the first 50 km. She did a pretty good job, very well placed at the front of the pack, and nothing went away even with some good trying by the Trek red truck team. Emily, the team sprinter, had to save her energy in the race for the sprint and tried to learn as much as possible from the sprinters from the other pro teams. And, my job today was to chaperon the other girls, which means, taking them to the front of the pack, and help them saving energy while going up front in the peloton.
Everybody did their job perfectly! Ariane did what she had to do and managed to keep her good positioning until the end of the race. Annie did a really good attack just after the little climb and was away for almost 5 km. The rain started falling in the middle of the race and Annie and Ellen got caught in a crash, but got back into the peloton after a good effort. Emily did an amazing job out there today, and sprinted for an amazing 12th place ! Unfortunatly, after helping my teammates in the first couple of laps, I also got caught in a crash with 4 laps to go and couldn’t finish the race. I found that really hard, because I think it was a race for me, where I could have done well, but crashing is part of the game! After having a concussion in a race two months ago, I’m happy to see that the shape is coming back and I’m excited for the rest of the week!
Tomorrow : Rest day and a ride to Point Robert is the plan for the team.


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