Kicking off BC Superweek with a Bang

MK Delta Criterium

by Annie Foreman-Mackey

The Cyclery – Opus women kicked off BC Superweek with a bang last night, with Ellen holding off a charging pack for 2nd in a star-studded peloton. Denise Ramsden (Trek Red Truck Racing) and Ellen broke away from the field with about 10 laps to go, workingimage together to stay away. Denise attacked leading into the bell lap and Ellen dug deep to stay ahead of Shelley Olds (Ale Cipollini), who led the pack sprint. An impressive ride by Ellen and the team, this also marks the team’s first podium at BC Superweek in the three years in attendance. This shows the progression and growth of this team and we’re excited to keep building and learning over the next week. It also is a true testament to Ellen’s patience, determination, and commitment to the team! She’s a true fighter (and incredible person to boot!). Way to go Ellen!

In our daily blogs this week, the team is going to add some “behind the scene” facts from each day.
Emily and I are staying with the same WONDERFUL host family as we have for the past two years. It feels like a sort of “coming home” to the west coast.
A typical day for the team includes a 10 am coffee ride spin to clear out the legs from the previous day of racing. Yesterday we managed to figure out the plethora of twists and turns in Sunday’s UCI Delta road race, with some friendly sprints to open up the legs post-travel.
I also found myself at a walk-in clinic in the morning to figure out some nagging ear infection and sickness. But now I’m set to tackle the rest of the week!
With Marie-Soleil Blais guest riding for the team this week, we are now 3 francophones and 3 anglophones! Good thing the rest of us are looking for opportunities to practice our french 🙂


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