The Nationals Roadrace

 As it happened

by Ariane Bonhomme

National championship is always an exciting yet stressful race. It is the time of the year where we can race against all the best in the country and often see improvement from the previous year. The road race course was a good one for our team. With a rolling terrain and a power climb in the circuit, everyone was hopeful for a great team performance. The team definitely learned a lot from this race, and even if we didn’t pull out the result we were expecting, the team work we did was fabulous and we left it all on the road. 

The race started fast with some attacks by Optum Pro Cycling p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies and settled quite a lot as we hit the 15km circuit. One the third and last lap of this circuit, Trek Red Truck launched a great attack that made the big team chased which made the race very hard as we were exiting the circuit. With this hard pace on the way back from the circuit, the team wasn’t able to get in the breakaway of about 15 girls that left in a big climb. Fortunately, this breakaway didn’t last. As this breakaway got caught by the main peloton, Olympian Denise Ramsden went on a solo breakaway that almost brought her to a second national championship title. In the last couple of kilometers, the main group exploded and Annie, Ellen and Ariane were not able to make the front selection. Annie made the top 20 and Ellen was just out of this top 20 with a 21st place. 

The team didn’t quite pull out the race we wanted and we will not settle. We are definitely hungry for more and looking forward for BC Superweek in a little more than a week!


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