Breaking the Calabogie Curse – by Ellen Watters

The curse is broken! The curse is broken! (Credits to Emily Flynn for the blog title).

The Cyclery – Opus team grabbed a podium sweep at the Calabogie Classic this weekend and we have finally won the race. I guess it’s been some time that the team has tried, and just hasn’t made it to the top step.

Jenny’s (our DS) strategy: GO HARD FROM THE GUN! And so we did. Amélie was the first to attack. Emily attacked next, staying off the front for a bit. Once back, I headed off and held out for about a lap and a half. Emily and Ariane and another rider took off where Ariane and the other rider were off the front reaching about a minute gap for a large chunk of the race. Katherine Maine, Emily, Amélie and I covered attacks in the peloton with nothing sticking.

Once the gap reached a minute, Emily attacked off the peloton to bridge and I went with her. We rode hard together and eventually caught back on to Ariane and the other rider. From there we hammered hard, reaching a time gap of 2 minutes from the peloton.

Ariane (road captain) and Emily (road lieutenant) made the call to attack so as to drop our competitor. I did and this ended up being a race of bridging. I was away from the group, then Ariane bridged to me, we sprinted on what we thought was the last lap, and then Emily bridged to us with about 2km to go.

The result:


A good time was had. A hard race happened. And we weren’t cold, even with the cold winds. WOOHOO! We are now into race season 🙂


Next up, some of us ladies are heading to Arkansas for Joe Martin Stage Race!

Eat, sleep and pedal!!


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