Katherine’s California

Shortly after an amazing week in Seneca, South Carolina with the team, I headed down with Ariane and Annie to Oxnard, California for training camp with Cycling Canada.

We arrived on a Thursday with enough time to spin out our legs – which was much needed after the travel.

The first real training day of camp took us on a beautiful ride along the coast until we reached lake Casita, which was full of rolling hills. Although this was an amazing ride, my legs certainly did feel the burn.

On Day 2, we started the day with yoga on the beach. We then drove to the outskirts of Ojai, where we climbed a long twisting hill (which included a hard 20-minute effort).  The nice long descent through the mountains was well worth the climb.


Day 3 consisted of another long beautiful ride in the rolling hills.

On Day 4, the juniors joined up with the elites (which include Annie and Arianne) to complete a 4 hour ride. It was a nice endurance ride taking us through little towns.

Today, we have a recovery day to gear up for the next block of training. After beginning or day with yoga on the beach, we rode to a coffee shop in Ventura, before coming home and heading to the outlets 🙂

Katherine 2

I’m super excited for the next block of training in the warmth of California before returning home where hopefully the snow will have melted.


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