Solid Giro di Burnaby for Stevens women

Amélie Bruneau

The Stevens-The Cyclery women’s team is at BC Superweek, on on Thursday the girls lined up for the Giro di Burnaby. Amélie Bruneau reports.

The Giro di Burnaby event started just before our race with a parade from the local kids, which we had the honour to go with. It was amazing to be an example for some, maybe, future riders!

After that started a really technical race, with four corners and a 180-degree turn! The false flat after the U-turn was really hard on the legs, and made the field smaller and smaller every lap. We had some bad luck in the race, with some mechanicals and a crash, but, nevertheless, we ended up with a really good 14th place for Carrie Cartmill! The team was also really active and greatly represented in the race. We were in every breakaway attempt and Carrie also got a prime! Now, we are all ready to face up the hard Tour of White Rock !