Stevens women tackle Gastown GP

The Stevens-The Cyclery women’s team are out west for BC Superweek and on Wednesday they tackled the iconoc Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix. Ariane Bonhome reports.

Global Relay Gastown GP was one of the most exciting races of the week. Being downtown with all the spectators, the cobblestones, the patio restaurants; we were in for a big and hard race.

With the price money equalized for men and women, and the event also being part of the US criterium series, there were a lot of big American teams and strong girls. The team was really pumped up for this race. We warmed up and went on the start line early to have a good spot for when the race would start.

We were really active for the whole race with Annie attacking the group or chasing down breakaways, Carrie staying comfortably in the front of the group, also chasing down breakaways and getting 20th in the final sprint, and with Ellen sprinting for primes and getting one (!!!!!!). The team was super happy with the performance we put in. It was the best race for the team so far.

Global Relay was able to put such an amazing race and the atmosphere was incredible. We had a blast at this race.

It is now time to get as much recovery as possible from this crazy night and be ready for Giro Di Burnaby!

Click here for full Gastown results.